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Men are strong on their nature; they have physical strength, power of the mind temperament force. The nature endowed them by power and desire and it is reflected in nature of coitus that is like an art for loving couple. “Potency” from Latin means power and everyone knows what potency is today. Men’s ability to have firm erection and to satisfy sexually a partner it is real men’s power but there can be fails in this scope and like any problem it should be struggled effectively.

Today humanity is quite developed. People have many medicines for effective treatment of many diseases and disorders that occur in organism. One of the most important and the most embarrassment for men is erectile disorder. Doctors and scientists have studied a lot in this area. The first thing that should be understood is reasons. When we know reasons, we can influence on their occurrence, we can avoid harmful factors and save healthy potency.

Men have problems when they have weak potency, their partners aren’t satisfied and they are not satisfied too, it influence on psychological health and on behavior in society. People, who are not satisfied chronically in sexual life, have problems in other spheres and cannot be fully happy. Men feel them weak and disabled when they have erectile disorders, because they associate their potency with their power and ability to be a man. Often problems with potency lead to depressions and problems in relations with a partner.

In most cases erectile disorder has psychological background and most men can solve their erectile dysfunction problems when they solve psychological problems. For example, often quarrels, unspoken claims, hidden resentment can evoke problems with potency, and if relations establish, everything improves greatly.

Good relations, understandings and support are guarantee of good relations and successful intimate life. When partners are in love with each other, their intimate relations bring them much more pleasure if they wouldn’t be in love. If man has some problems with erection, his partner should be tenderer, should give lasting and creative prelude. Statistic says that men, who regard their wives as tender in relations, can save their healthy potency much longer. Usually women need a bit caress and then they can give back much more, thus good relation depends on both in couple. Be selective in your choosing of wife, because you can meet your old age with her, when your potency is the most vulnerable and good relations that are based on love and tenderness are needed.

The old age is regarded as the most important factor and unavoidable for weak potency. In fact, old age  is much more problems with health in compare with young age, but healthy way of life and absence of bad habits are the basis for healthy potency even in old age. Everyone knows that alcohol drinks are very harmful for liver that is responsible for blood in the body. Ill liver in the body is bad blood that means bad function of sexual glands and producing of hormones that are responsible for potency. This process is lasting and negative effect of alcohol has accumulative principle and after 45 years in condition of regular drinking of alcohol (even in small amounts) since 22 years old, there appear potency problems. Moreover, sensitive spinal cord centers become less sensitive because of alcohol drinking that makes man hard excitable. The same do drugs, but this process happens much faster and erectile weakness can come much earlier. Hepatitis C is the most common disease among drug users that is actually liver disease that also inevitably leads to erectile disorders or impotency. As you see, healthy way of living is very important for men, their relations and family life. Sex is inevitable part of life of every adult and bad habits are enemies that we create by our own hands for our happiness. It shouldn’t be so and if you want to save your potency as long as possible, keep healthy way of living.

Many men, who suffer from excessive weight, know from their own experiences about problems and difficulties in intimate life. Extra kilos interfere with free moving and deteriorate coitus quality. It also has negative effect on hormones that are responsible for erection functioning. Fat tissue promotes producing of female hormones that in male body suppress the desire to have coitus and suppress ability to have firm erection for coitus and satisfaction. Thus, try to keep fit and not to have obesity, if you suffer from it already, you can start visiting gym, consult with nutritionist. If you restore your normal weight, your potency also restores.  But do not overdo it. Many men, who start interesting in gym and building muscle often use steroids and proteins. If you don’t plan to be professional body-builder, it is better to avoid using of such biologically active additives. Many of them contain soya that has female hormone and can negatively effect on potency.

Problems with potency can occur in case of infections. Inflammation of prostate is common problem for men who suffer from blood stagnation in small pelvic. There are usually those who have sedentary work, excessive weight and advanced age when there is occur many others health problems that lead to bad blood circulation, its stagnation and inflammation in prostate. It is one more reason to do sport, despite of your age. Do different procedures that don’t give a chance for blood to stagnate, thus sport is prevention treatment from impotency. Be careful and remember about safe sex, because there are many infectious sexual diseases that can affect on your future intimate life. Full impotency is possible in totally neglected situations. If you have noticed some problems with your health, start treatment as fast as possible and there is much more chances to get fast and effective treatment.

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